Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Doll Clothes Display Rack...................

I am heading off to do my first craft show in less than a month. With that said, I had to figure out the best way of displaying my clothing. One that was inexpensive and lightweight. Since I'll be hefting all my stuff alone.
In the photo above, you'll see a neat and inexpensive way to craft yourself a doll clothing rack. All you need is several dowels, two wood plaques, two wood birdhouses, paint, and drill.
2 wood plaques about 4 inches in diameter
1-2 dowels about 1/2 inch in diameter. One may suffice and cut the dowel in half.
2 wood birdhouses (small ones)
1 wood dowel about 3/8 inch in diameter. This will be the crossbar. You may want to try one of the cuphooks for the hangers (directions in a future post) on the dowel for the crossbar to make sure it will fit.
First cut the large dowels in half or to the length you want for the height. Keep in mind that some of that dowel will stick up into the birdhouse. Next with the drill, and a paddle bit the size you need. Drill a hole in both plaque bases to fit the dowel. Then drill that same size in the bottom of the birdhouses. The thicker dowels you can then place in the base and the other end in the birdhouse. Add some wood glue for added security.
Next step is to drill a hole the size of the dowel you will use as the rod going across to hang the clothes on. Drill these holes, one in each birdhouse on the side about the middle. Once drilled you can stick the dowel in and connect the two birdhouses. I do not recommend glueing them in, but you can if you want. I find it easier not to, so that I can disassemble the clothing rack for easy storage.
Once you get the "rack" together, the next step is to paint it. This is where you bring in your own creative ideas and make the rack your own. I've painted the birdhouses like little shops, with one called the Bonnie Blue Bonnet Shop.
Another step one can do is add a pine board base to the bottom. Screwing in the round plateform bases onto that and then painting it green. Then craft a "picket fence" out of popsicle sticks and you'll create a box below the rack for shoes and other accessories.

For clothing hangers, use a dowel cut down to about four or five inches.I've seen some American Girl hangers state a size of 7 inches. But they appear on the large side for doll clothes. But cutting a dowel either 1/4 inch think or 3/8 inch think to about four to five inches works well. Then screw in a cup hook in the middle.

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